best day ever.

i’ve had the best day ever. 8 nov. seriously.

so i had a bbq with about 30 people coming it was awesome, the best birthday present ever, having the people i love around me.

it was held at kim’s place.
i must say, at first i was worried.
that the food would turn bad, people won’t come, people would be bored because of the many different groups..

but it was amazing.

family: papa, mama, sis, and bro.
relatives: godma, claire, popo, yi yi, uncle thomas
friendly adults: aunty susan, uncle roy, aunty soh duan, aunty shirley
ER: kim (thanks for your place), shy, marv, mason, esther and joel (HELLO YOUR’E HEREEEE)
pri sch: ern! woooo!
sec sch: feli, cass, teck, junfu
poly: joyce, kx, sandy, mary, twin (happy twinny day to you)
army (how else to classify?): raz, luke, aaron, ian, shiya, wanto, joey.

oh, and feli’s bf too hello.
(i hope i didn miss anyone out..)

so yea, it was such a blast, made me so so happy..
then i went to cut the cake but the sad thing was none of my family members were there.. so um yea bummed me a lil.

then i was told to make a wish and i didn’t. i just went ‘hmm ok’ i guess my wish came true. to have everyone i love around me. (and well, some who couldn’t make it.. but its the thought that counts)

my birthday just gets better every year.

and then i got…

which shocked me till the end of earth because i have never expected anything :/

i have awesome presents from people, pictures up tmr or something.. (=

thanks humans! for making my bdae such an enjoyable one..

oh ya, i puked. woah that awesome feeling..

after the bbq, we headed off and i went home to shower..
then met armyboyzz for supper..

and went for a drive and landed at some mount sinai lane and talked w luke and raz for a long time. hmm.

dinner soon w gang, okay? (= yes raz i know you’re reading this, so we shall go marche if it is halal, if its not we shall go somewhere else, and just lepak one corner lol. aku tahu aku banyak kali buat kau marah tapi tak sengaja, aku mintak maaf and aku masi sayang kan kau. kawan aku yang translate kan. (I HOPE THIS IS CORRECT.)

ps: i really want to thank momsy for today, and everything. for making the whole bbq possible, and telling me to puke with that straight face. love you. and hello if you’re seeing this..

pps: wished grandpa was the the bbq… sigh.

PPPS: I know what i shld have wished for. a happy family. (=

next post: awesome photos of bbq, and awesome presents..
i am STILL shocked by the pink thing that is going to be with me.

4 responses to “best day ever.

  1. you missed out joel… he’s going to whine till the cows come home LOL.

    and what pink thing?

    haha.. oh ya! i shw u.. its even morw pink then the pink thing u gave me..

  3. naw doesn’t matter. hah

  4. i think its cos i edited before you saw. lol joel dont whine okay i didn’t bring your cap home

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