baby diary 101

hi everyone here’s pictures of my baby ❤
i love you loads you’re an awesome bunch of fun and the way you run is so cute your butt is so so so cute too.

using the new phone’s camera. auto lighting.

sleeping beside her see-saw.

oops i woke her up

sniffing my hand

she has big eyes.



current wallpaper. love.

an overload of cuteness

there is no such thing as “too much hammie love”

today i let baby and bubbles run on my steps as usual. and baby was busy being a daredevil. she kept wanting to jump and she did. :/ a big step i think. so i put bubbles back in her tank, and i concentrated on playing with baby i’d put my hands out and wait for her to jump into my hands and she did ❤ which was awfully rad.

and then she ran so much i wanted her to rest so i let bubbles run around my steps. she didn’t do jumping like baby. cos she’s really timid she’d jump away and run away from your hands.. unless you scoop her up and then she’ll lie on your palm and lick you.

this is bubble’s home. and her. (=

so i placed my face near bubbles and she came waddling towards me and started licking my face. you cant exactly feel it like wet/sloopy but that’s the beauty. she’s such a sweetie ❤ kissing me everytime i place her near my face. my very own rug.

i didn’t clean them today cos momsy thought they’d catch a chill and fall sick if i cleaned them too late at night.

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