bubbles tai.
7 sept 07 – 18 jul 09.

i would write a long post for you soon.
i love you so so so much.



my ever calm bulbs.

and i couldn’t even bid you goodbye.

5 responses to “rip

  1. 😦
    -hugs- im sure bubbles was a very happy hamster!
    dont be sad okay 🙂 see you soon.

  2. hey don’t be too sad okay, though i betcha cried your ass off like me when pepper died. But I’m sure there is a hammie heaven somewhere.

  3. feli: (= yea i guess she was, eating 24/7.. haha..

    shy: yea i did for like hours haha. losing all the water in my body…

  4. hugs! don’t cry too much k? She’s in a better place now=)

  5. hello! (= yea ahah i really hope so!! thanks so much..

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