penang trip part 2

Day 2

woke up really early, at about 6, so we could catch the train up penang hill.. caught the lovely sunrise

it looks like we photoshopped ourselves right in.

we made our own breakfast..

HAHA CUP NOODLES and honey stars..

the tram! just like on brochures..

kx taking notes dutifully..

the train was really cramped up cos many people squeezed in and i felt so so so nauseous. they were all talking so loudly all i wanted to do was sulk. HAHA and that’s what i did.

the tracks were really steep

train track cross roads

train swapping station!


spotting the penang bridge. (=

it was about 9am when we reached and there were quite a lot of people.. decided to take photos at the top 😀

no freaking idea what the sign says

wanted to walk, but being lazy we made tonnes of excuses, and anyway “the canopy walk was closed”. checked out david brown’s cottage, it was supposed to open at 9am, but doors were still locked.. so we stood outside for a bit and then i decided we should just climb into the house anyway. we’re on a holiday, risks are much more fun, and what’s the worst that could happen right?

up in the cottage!

the view was simply breathtaking.

seeing the city skyline i know why i was asked to stay till night, to watch the night lights. (=

nice blue cloudy sky!

haha me taking jump shots. it was a rather old english garden with a long pond

the path leading to the house

tentage in the garden

the cottage! the inside of the cottage was rather cosy and a lil dark, a really nice comfy place. but we decided to sit outside cos of the lovely weather. the down side was that there were many ants and we could not stop trying to kill them

effeciency at its best, i went to take our own menus 😀

ordered our food.. it was about 10am then i guess.. long lovely slacky day..

bread pudding with custard. YUMYUM.

sj’s beef stew. a really huge portion with fluffy pastry.

kx’s apple tart. i love the pastry:/ okay i love eating dough.

kx’s garden mushroom salad.

happy panda w her food!

my creme brulee! yum.! but the bowl was so damn tiny. for the price i paid i expected it to be huge!

enjoying our food yumyum

joyce’s chicken cutlet with saussage, ham, tomato and goreng pisang. yea we’re all wondering why there’s goreng pisang (fried banana).

after drinking our soups, eating salads, main course and desserts, we bummed around and refused to move. people who came later than us left, waiters kept looking over their shoulders to see when we would leave too.

actually i can’t remember what they were doing because…..

yea i fell asleep HAHAAH the ray of sunshine kept shining on my face. and i was so tired. 😀

kx watch out ah. put tissue on my head and still pose. omfg.

more stupid pictures

i know they ordered scones and tea because in the camera there were pictures. haah

there was thick cream! wooo!! yummy scones it’s been really long since i had them. remember eating them in australia.

paid the bill and left the place.. it was about 1 i guess? we sat there for 4 hours! wonderful.

happy couple yo!

while walking, we saw a few road side stalls selling stuff like grasshoppers made of coconut leaves. or something.

quite cute huh! kx panda and sj bought a few.. and came up with a video.. being so creative, they called the grass hoppers ‘xiao chao’ (little grass).

happy homies with their grass hoppers

there was henna painting too! and being me..


took the tram down, and cabbed to gurney plaza (near my aunt’s house). walked a bit, shopped.. saw A&W and we went nuts.. curly fries!

happy human with food

coney dog

walked home after that and saw this..

worst car plate ever.

the cheating couple!

dont know how joyce can stand kx rolling on her

decided to camwhore with coco. he got a nice har cut looks like a westie!

ahhh damn cute!

joyce looks envious here haha

happy panda and happy dog

joyce being a bully

uncle nat took us out to eat prawn mee.. yum yum

someone’s REALLY happy with her noodles

ice kachang.

chendol. not as nice as the one in penang road..

okay that’s all for now! day 4 tomorrow or something!

4 responses to “penang trip part 2

  1. o.. i look really happy lei… so weird.. like got spark in my eyes or something..

  2. why u never comment about the serious round nostril photo!

  3. n u mean sparkle.. not spark.. spark ur eye boom liao

  4. got spark then like can light fire ma.. i purposely don want comment about it de… -_-

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