10 men i’d….

uh huh!
you know you know you know!

last night i came up with a list of 10 men i’d fuck.
not literally, of course…

NOT in order, because i can’t choose!

1. the schoolboy

Gao Tian Qi.

he’s so asian i’d go “wtf” at his hair but it’s nice!
well yea the only place i caught him in was “my mvp valentine” where he acted as “gao xing”.
not someone way high on the “to-do” list but he’s not bad i guess.

2. The all rounder

Hugh Grant.

can any woman not swoon at his accent / looks / body / whatsnot? seriously this man can act damn well in romantic comedy (is there such a genre?). how can anyone resist this man?!

3. The hottest superhero (if you consider him as one)

Hugh Jackman.

He’s one of the reasons why xmen is my fav marvel comic! not that i actually read the comics, but i loved the cartoons they played on tv and then when the movies came out, WHAM! in your face. my personal fav is xmen III cos of the fight, and there were so many different characters portrayed! although i really felt that jean gray was annoying, with her vericose veins, saggy face..

4. The man everyone would approve of

George Clooney.

goodness, even my aunt is fighting for him! she once told me if she saw george clooney while we were out, she’ll push me so she can get a headstart. This guy’s so charasmatic! hehehe. one thing for sure, his spawn would look like angels. this guy actually makes growing old an easy feat (for men of course..).

5. The one who used to be on my wall

Brad Pitt.

no idea why i like him, but i was once made to write an essay on brad pitt! had to describe his deep set eyes, chiseled jaw (yes i actually used these phrases). paired with george clooney in the ocean’s trilogy (i hope there’s more to come!) and awesome, we get a perfect christmas package that came wayyy to early. looks good with his head shaved, though i really really dislike his messy hair, mustouche look. and i liked him better with jennifer aniston!

6. The chef

Curtis Stone.

we all love a man who can cook! what’s more this chef comes in such a delicious package! tall, muscular, suave…. have you seen the women throwing themselves at him in the supermarket? skank alert! but it just goes to show that we women are ALSO visual creatures!

7. The Korean

Jang Hyuk.

fell in love with him / his character played in “successful story of a bright girl” where this man has such a huge ego, is 29, has never been in love and doesn’t know how to treat the girl he loves! epic cuteness!

8. The first love

Jerry Yan.

my first and last love! i watched meteor garden when it first came out, in 2002. 7 years later, i’m watching it, and it still makes me feel the same way i once did! squirmy on the inside! this man can act, not much of singing but he’s a model. yum yum. 1.8m, broad shoulders, muscles, and a REALLY nice smile (with dimples!)! AND he looks good in sleeveless clothes. beat that!

9. The man with hair clips

He Jun Xiang.

also appeared in a taiwanese drama, “devil beside you”. wears hair clips in his head, rides a bike, looks good when he ties up half his hair! makes my knees weak too 😀

10. The muscle man

Vin Diesel.

yea i KNOW that if i were to really *cough* him, i’d be paralysed, probably dead. but this guy’s full of muscles i’d gladly hand wash all my clothes on his rock hard abs! plus he’d make you feel safe.. i don’t think there’s anyone who’d dare to rob him or anything.

That’d be all except…

i wanna add one more person!

that’s just cos i felt like it. haha!

5 responses to “10 men i’d….

  1. Who’s the cook?! I think the cook should be ranked higher leh! And you obviously haven’t watched the korean f4 if not those ppl will be on your list too. LOL!

  2. LOL.
    saggy face..

    but yay, hugh jackman!

  3. van: OH YA MUST WRITE HIS NAME. curtis stone btw! no i dun like curly hair pple.. haha.

    joyce: i share him with u 😀

  4. Skali that Jang Hyuk is gay.

  5. then i will be the only woman in his life. lol.

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