korean food.

had lunch with momsy and sis at this korean place at pasir panjang.
set lunch costs $9.90 and there’s tonnes of koreans hoarding the place so you know it’s def good food. (=

it serves many side dishes the minute you sit down!

kimchi salad, brocolli..

fried tofu and lotus roots

pumpkin soup! yum yum. one of the sides!

the sides can easily fill your tummy up.. and you can ask for more sides, for free! it’s really yummy. especially this pumpkin pancake..

my sister’s icy cold noodles.

the taste was… unique.. the soup was sour and cold… the noodles were hard to bite into..

i had bugolgi beef. BUT IT CAME IN SOUP FORM. ))=
no pictures cos i was so shocked when it came lol..

they gave us dessert.. some rice drink… my sis kept saying it’s really nice and i told her i could make it.. it’s just sugar syrup, really cold, and then u throw in like what, 5 grains of rice at the bottom of the cup…

they gave us fruits too! watermelon cut in heart shapes.!
i forced my mom to eat it.. cos they took time to cut it!


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