birthday with homies

okay belated post!

so on monday after school, i met with cass, teck, junny and pre at holland V!

i was the last to arrive and when they saw me, they STOPPED walking, STARED at me and started whispering.

best ‘hello’ ever you guys! really loved it!

but anw, junny took me to ‘buy cd’s’ and accompanied me to pet lovers centre while pre, teck and cass ran off.

i saw the dogs and totally fell in love with them!

but then junny got a call and we had to leave and thus we walked to cha cha cha. saw 3 of them sitting with a pink swensens balloon that said ‘you suck’ haha!

super amusing. ordered food and just ate. no pictures because it’s with cass.

and then they refused to leave and said i had to eat even though i was full..

then came the cake!

so sweet of them!

they went to get the cake (i’m guessing) while i was at the pet shop.. and tecky skipped class just to ‘source’ for a place to eat at holland v. -screams- they’re damn sweet lah!

they had tonnes of fun snapping while i was taking the candles off.

i’m damn sure the main focus wasn’t my face, the balloon or the cake..

then came the presents!
they’re damn cute man.

one pair of drumsticks (yay! my very own pair!) and they all wrote funny stuff on it.
2 bracelets, 1 with reflective-like shells, and they wrote messages on it.
a blue rose belly stud

awesomeness at its best man!

3 boys camwhoring away

group shot (=

cake was chocolate ice cream, so difficult to cut!

cass. omg ilu (= thank you so so so much for the gifts and the effort! to come w teck to plan this and all (=

junny! i know i always make fun of you hahaha! and even though you sent me the ‘i bought chars present already’ TWICE, it was still a nice gesture! the drumsticks!

tecky and pre! yes the theme for the day was ‘you suck’ and both of you really made full use of it to disturb me. thanks for coming down and being so tolerant (towards me hha!)

then we headed to the bread shop to sit and chat. started playing this alphabet game.

like someone would come up with a category, and we all have to name things under the category.
Eg. Cars.
person A: Toyota

and since toyota ends with an A, person b has to name a brand that starts with A, like Aplha Romeo, or Audi.

then the bread shop was closing so we hopped over to subway to continue our game.

made use of the balloon..
everytime a person can’t think of a word, we’ll hit his/her head till they get it. not painful, but it’s so annoying!


yea everyone also kena.

the person who kept hitting us was tecky so when it was his turn we all whacked him


sat till about 9, and then momsy came to pick us up and she sent us back. (=

that pretty much sums up my real birth day. 😀 enjoyed it tonnes

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