the anatomy.

so i took biology in secondary school and we had to make all sorts of notes and i had my own ‘bio book’

flipped it a few days ago, as my bro was using my notes.
(yes, handed them down to him!)

came across really interesting drawings.

a not so nice drawing of a vagina.
complete with womb, urethra, fallopian tube and all.

and a nicer, and more accurate drawing of..

looks damn alike even has big orlua, and tiny flaccid penis. AHAH!! quite impressed with myself, though the proportion must be… horrid.

7 responses to “the anatomy.

  1. omg…wad size underwear would contain those testis man. lol…u can go draw for Netter’s le. well done. hahaha

  2. heyyy some guy MIGHT actually have this lor.. some weird sickness or something.. and thank you *bows*

  3. hahaha shit if he had this…i really pity him and i do NOT wanna be the guy operating on him, let ernest do that.

  4. *coughcoughcoughryancough* didn’t say anything

  5. hahaha siala…now i need to go burn my brain and try to get rid of that mental image. tmd…

  6. lol pray no one sees this!

  7. yeah…that wouldn’t be very nice haha

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