baby turns 2!

so last saturday was baby’s birthday!
super excited but it was such a waste.
i was out all day attending a wedding then a party in jb.
and i couldn’t make hamster spaghetti for her. )= maybe next time when momsy cooks.

anw below are some photos of the cutest thing on earth.
i love how she always runs to my hand, then lets me pet her while she closes her eyes and when stop petting her, she opens her eyes and looks at me damn lazily. + she rests her head on my hand! or when she climbs onto my hand and closes her eyes, or just stares at me. ❤

baby sleeping.

hehe so i went to wake her up..
so sleepy and cute right!

put her on my hand and began snapping away..

she kinda looks like bubbles here.. grumpy. haha.


heh. so cute right.

then i put her back into her home so she could rest and all and she ran to her cotton!

stoning in her wheel..

running like a mad woman

then she gets tired and stones. again.

ahhh the end.

i love baby so much! will try to take more pictures. hehe

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