mini update

okay just thought of blogging but i can’t find the camera / card.
and it’s been long since i actually blogged (not whining, or blogging about events)

it’s a few more months till i graduate, and start a new life somewhere else. this holiday, it isn’t actually a holiday it’s more like ‘here you go. 2 weeks, now finish up all the work’

i’ve 7 modules, 1 assignment for each module, how is this a holdiay?

aside from that, christmas is coming soon. besides being bombarded by projects i’ve been helping out in church for a play. yes, i’m acting. contrary to popular belief, i’m really acting, not ‘being myself’.

i’ve a tiny role, a shopaholic, who thinks that christmas is a time to buy stuff for friends, and i forget the main character’s name. in reality, yes i think christmas is a good excuse to buy stuff for people to love w/o going ‘hey i thought of you when i saw this so here it is’. that’s a lil awkward for me i’d just pass the person their present and run away. as for the name thing, i don’t remember names that much, and i admit, it’s because i do not place the person in high regard. no excuses for that.

i had a good and nice long talk with my bro and sis today. it’s enlightening i feel i mean i hardly ever talk to them, and we’re not even talking about personal stuff but i guess, my sis saw me as someone outgoing with tonnes of boyfriends, so did her friends. i guess i’m emitting really funny wave lengths. but that just makes me more awesome :D.

but i’m guessing i would really have to run through my next boyfriend by them haha! cos apparently, they didn’t like the ex that much but they just kept quiet cos he made me happy. like they knew he was hurting me and all. i guess i was the only one who couldn’t see it, so it’s good things ended with him.

i do get the pangs of paranoia still but it’s happening less often. i’m understanding how things go, i know how to calm myself down, i know why i feel or react the way i do so it’s all good and under control. (=

i’ve got to find a way to re-do my room so that my computer is within reach when i’m drumming. also, there’s something wrong with the dock for my ipod, so i’ve to fix it. here comes char the handy woman!

people don’t seem to trust me when i’m dealing with my emotions. but many times, when i’m saying stuff, (bitching aside) i’m actually very calm, i’m saying things in a neutral way, no harm meant, no offence taken. i guess people don’t realise there’s that side to me. i’m either really fierce or someone who jokes 24/7.

i kind of know what i want to do in the future. there’s so much on my bucket list i’ve yet to do!! a few days left to the end of the year, i’ve yet to get myself a present! and i know exactly what i wanna get. the belly piercing is hurting and rejecting, soon, i’m going to bid it goodbye. then a few months later, hello new belly piercing.

that’s the gist of my life. (= i need to start throwing / selling my clothes to anyone who wants them.

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