hello from baby!

moving on to baby..


lazy baby ❤


cleaning herself in her lunch box tub.

i changed her sand bath tub because her hind legs are weak, it isn’t easy for her to move around. also removed her wheel )=


she’s so amazingly still! heh. baby hates to drink water so i mixed in a lil ribenna for her. just a bit. and then she’d drink haha.


soaked her food in a lil water so it’l be softer and easier for her to eat..

peeka! missed this out in the previous post.

2 responses to “hello from baby!

  1. hello human.

    hamsters need the hard food otherwise their teeth will outgrow their mouth.

  2. yea i know lah. haahhaha.
    but just that one piece i made soft. (=
    so that she’ll get some liquid

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