new gadget!

okay i’m a damn big sucker for gadgets.
feeling really happy whenever i get stuff to add on to my ear ducts and ipod.
like, docks, extensions, extra jacks.
and also, even usb extensions i really can’t help myself!!!
i just buy and buy all the techy stuff and i’m damn happy haha!

okay here’s my newest item!

retro iPod speakers!

it works damn fine!
i bought 2, 1 pink, and 1 black.
this is the pink one it’s for my friend, i got the black one. (= bought it online so obviously i was damn excited to unwrap it cos i’ve waited for it for so long!

there’s like only 2 volumes i think, loud / soft, but sound quality is not bad, fits my nano perfectly. (=

my black speakers!

no batteries required too, how awesome is that?!

pink nano with black dock!

it’s a really tiny piece, but it works well on an ipod classic. it won’t tumble or anything.

my friend’s gna get the pink dock, cos he has a black ipod classic. yay! that way he’ll remember me even more (=

2 responses to “new gadget!

  1. wah the speakers look damn cool la.

  2. (= thx.. haha

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