19th Dec 07, 7am – 23rd Jan 10, 5.09pm

hi baby,
i love you, okay? (=

i told you it’s okay to let go this morning before i left for school.
you’ve been struggling for the past few weeks so i guess you’re happier now.
after bubbles passed in july, i thought you’d live for only 2 months more, seeing how you’re 2 months younger than her.
but you made it pass your 2nd birthday and i’m really happy. (=

xx forever.

baby was mom’s favourite.
she’ll always allow us to pet her, she’ll lie still.
and when we stop, she’d sniff the air and look at us. only when we continued petting her would she close her eyes, and i could really tell she loved us.

this morning she looked so frail,
could barely moved.
yet when i put my hand down, she crawled towards me, and tried to climb onto my hand.
she couldn’t use her hind legs so she just lay her upper body onto my hand and rest.

or the time when she ran and tumbled around, making bubbles very woried for her. (= i still have the video!

and when she ran around the tank non-stop with the sunflower shell in her mouth, refusing to let go of it.

she’s the only one whom i really connected with because she’d never fail to run to my and climb onto my hands. and also she loved to lick my fingers, and when i put her to my mouth she’d kiss me. (((((((=

and i won’t forget the time she escaped out of the tank and had me going nuts finding her. she was hiding between two cabinets, scared stiff and boy was she happy to be home (=

i’m fine don’t worry, no sobbing or wailing.

thank you for being one of the best hammies in the world.

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