yes yes for those who know, i’m working part time as a waitress. 😀
kinda weird right, me serving people..

anyway the best part is that it’s right beside my house, i take about a min or two to reach home!
and i work the evening shift, 6pm – 12am.
so i’m usually home by 12.02am 😀 heh.

i get $5.50 an hour, not that bad, definitely can be better.
i take orders, pour beer and other drinks, punch numbers for the receipt, serve food and drinks, clear tables (i try to siam from that..)

working in f&b def opened my already-big eyes.
imagine me gapping.. yeppp.
you really won’t feel like eating at where you work,
and thank goodness i’m never gonna work at the prata place just outside my house..

well obviously i’m gonna make the standard of cleaniness really high. go me! i’m washing the cups (so i can siam from clearing plates hahaha!)

met a few cool people (customers, not crew. the crew isn’t cool), one who liked my industrial (and who happens to do piercings, lucky him), and a couple of drunk ang mohs.

day 1 of the job was really bad my feet hurt like crap i was hungry, and the way they cooked shocked me.
day 2.. don’t look at the food, just stay behind the bar and you know that your customers will have clean mugs/jugs/cups because you’re the one cleaning it.!

hope my bro can join me.. we’ll make the place super clean haha!
but working at night also means i don’t get to have on-the-spot stayovers and supper(s)..

sucha loser, must plan for supper now..

other than that i hope i’ll continue liking the job. as long as i’m not forced to clear up haha

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