am not blogging about the taiwan trip yet because i’ve decided to wait for the pictures from joyce and kaixuan.
yes i admit, my camera is full of photos of them, so i’m hoping their cameras will have photos of me. :p

am in penang now,
visiting my relatives.

i got to drive for 3 hours on the highway.
you know how people take turns to drive, and the rest would sleep?
well when i drove all 3 were awake. (dad, grandpa and uncle) but okay i felt safer.

i got tail-gated by a toyota corolla (spell check) even though i was going 130km/h, then later a proton kept flashing at me.

saw a convoy of porsches and a ferrari. kinda awesome if you ask me.

grandaunt has forgotten me.
or maybe she remembers me, she just isn’t speaking.

anyway i’m off to watch my korean movies. (=

tomorrow would involve sun tanning while listening to my ipod and reading a book (aunt has like 10 shelves of books). then maybe i’ll hop over to gurney plaza.

okay bye!
if you guys can’t wait to see my taiwan pictures, the link is here.

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