so popo has passed on. near 11 hours since she had difficulty breathing she went away peacefully at 2.58pm.

death isn’t as scary as i thought, in fact, rather peaceful admist the silent sobs. just one last deep breath, and it’s the final goodbye.
i’ve never wanted to be there as she passed, i was afraid of it. didn’t think i could handle it, witnessing it. in fact, for the past few nights i’ve been escaping to meet marvin and kim (thank you two, really) to keep myself sane.

staying in godma’s house was torture. you can’t do anything but sit, and wait. i’m guessing i was waiting for her death. i’m really glad to have been there the past few days, talking to her, playing imaginary mahjong on the day she got discharged. i’ve used more cantonese than i’ve ever did with her.

i learnt mahjong so i could play with her, but i never got the chance to. i guess it’s fate. i’ll never drink my fav sugar cane juice she makes again. she’ll not get to see my boyfriend, my husband, she won’t be at my wedding.

the wake would be peaceful; popo accepted christ on easter sunday.

i’ll miss her i guess.
it’s human nature we never appreciate anything till it’s too late.

don’t worry i’m fine. (=

to all those who called and sms-ed and twittered, thank you for your love and support!

i’ll edit the videos i took of her in hospital and upload it. everyone will have a good hearty laugh. oh the memories. (=

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  1. thx.. (=

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