monday morning

hmm so i’ve been meeting my relatives often of late and last night, after the cremation, we had dinner together.

there were 12 of us. the numbers in our family keep going gown. the government must be annoyed with us, we’re not helping the birth rate!

headed out for supper. yea i was so drained but i needed a breather. still managed to last till 4. awesome, yes? go charbby! enjoyed myself tonnes with joel.y. i even got a thank you sms from him that said “thanks forever”. well this sms is def a keeper who the hell goes “thanks forever?!”

today, we went to collect popo’s ashes.
the bones, they looked like coral chips, the kind people place in fish tanks. they were really white, with bits of brown wedged inbetween. rather interesting. bits of skull, chunks of her hip bone, and some spine.

after taking the ashes (i dont know why they call it ashes, there was just a tiny bit of ash, and tonnes of bone. i should tell mandai to change the collection name) we brought it to kwong wai siu peck san theng, right beside RJ.

we each put silver coins into the urn, as ‘tradition’ and after we each placed one bone inside (i took a big chunk yay me) the guy did the rest of the work.

went to whampoa for brunch, everyone already knew what they wanted to eat except for me. so i went to walk around, looked at what they had. settled for fishball noodles, more vinegar please!

walked back with my food, heard people talking about heading to somewhere else to eat. yea guess who. my relatives. NONE of them could find the food they wanted, the stalls were located at the whampoa night market (we were at the morning market, never knew there were two).

and there i was standing with my fishball noodles staring at them.

“eh she bought her food already… cannot go elsewhere lah..”
“aiyo char why you buy so fast…”
“woah you buy food so fast hor i thought you went to walk around”

mmmm i enjoyed my noodles though. welcome home vinegar! 😀

i actually look forward to meeting my relatives more often. in happier situations, of course.

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