the amazing ya kun ice cream bread

so i’ve heard from my bro about the amazing ya kun ice cream that never melts! apparently it got famous in the papers, for not melting even after 1 hour!

decided to try it for myself.
of course there’s the usual worries. “never melt? sure got put some funny thing inside, better don’t eat!!”

ah well, i HAD to try it before they really found something nasty inside!
it costs $1.70 for 2 pieces. you can choose from chocolate, vanilla, raspberry and 2 more flavours which i can’t remember.
i saw that the ice cream freezer was from magnolia, and the ice cream they used was those that the ice cream man on the bicycle uses!

so they collaborated w them.. wow. an un-meltable ice cream. for a moment i thought they

i bought it at 10.45am,
and left it in the open, while buying myself wan ton noodles.

11am: not melting.
(forgot to take a pic!)

11.10am: walked back to church, held the ice cream under the sun, still not melting!

couldn’t really wait for it to melt so i took a few bites..
it’s holding it’s shape. a lil wobbly, kinda like a marshie.


finished this last bit. they had raspberry jelly inside! yum. different from the one the ice cream man sells. it was really soft, still holding it’s shape like a marshie, maybe they added it in..

at 12.30pm,
i took the other piece of ice cream which was still in it’s plastic bag.

yum! look at the raspberry jelly!


yeap still holding well!
i decided to eat it. damn good, melted

it does sweat thought. :p
after 2 hours…
i guess it’s something special!
am def gonna eat it again because it has yummy raspberry jelly!

ps: i hope it doesn’t kill me

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