I’m a foodie. I’ve eaten tonnes of cakes in my life.. and most of them suck. i don’t really have a sweet tooth so it’s quite hard to find cakes that are light, moist and fluffy at the same time.

well there’s those that save my life like awfully chocolate, lana’s cake, and those food for thought…

but i’ve had 2 very reliable cake suppliers, whom I know personally. So, here’s me sharing the joy (and the calories!)

1) muffinsareuglycupcakes
owner: Felicia
speciality: customised cakes, customised cupcakes

I’ve known felicia since secondary school and she has been baking for many years. Always get cupcakes from her during in school and we’ll eat them during lessons. And from cupcakes she has gone on to making customised cakes! Her cakes are really affordable too. (= She makes other kinds of desserts like macroons, brownies and all. I’ve tried her carrot cake, chocolate cake, vanilla cake, red velvet cake, and i love all of it!

yup she did these cakes!

2) Chua’s Delicacies
owner: Eunice
speciality: classic cakes/tarts

Eunice is a distant cousin of mine and every year my family would order boxes of pineapple tarts from her. It’s so yummy my sister would label her bottles and not let us touch them. (TSK) She makes pineapple tarts all year round and thus you don’t have to wait for that one special occasion to eat it.

Also, she uses the top grade ingredients to ensure quality! Her blog is quite new in comparison to felicia’s, thus there’s not many posts… look out for more cakes/pasteries in time to come (=

I don’t like cheese cakes, because they’re usually much too heavy for my tummy. I don’t like non-bake one’s too, because it feels ‘fake’ and as for mangos, I hate it. So I was quite apprehensive when she told me about her mango cheese cake. It’s like a disaster all rolled into one for me. but I loved it. even my relatives who dislike cheese loved it too!

She recently baked this and passed some for me to try, and I felt it was a little soft and fluffy, instead of the usual dense kueh lapis. I later found out that it’s because the kueh lapis was very fresh. Other kueh lapis are usually done one or two nights before, and are put into the fridge, thus they become really dense and sometimes hard.

Ps: she also does Angel Card reading at East Coast Park twice a month. The next reading is this coming saturday, 12/06/10 at East Coast Park Carpark F3. Time: 7pm – 12am. Price: Own Freewill in a red packet.

And yes, these two lovely human beings have been providing me with extra calories that i don’t really need, but want. And they’ll continue doing so in the years to come.. (=

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  1. wahh! haha thanks darling!
    see you next week.
    and we’re gonna have a blast in bintan 😉

  2. hahahah welcome! + i’m not lying so ya…

    yupyup sun and sea! 😀

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