movie date night!

made (or set) a date w andy to catch 2 amazing films. hoho. but before that….

since joyce was awake, we decided to catch…

white chicks!

we’ve all seen it before, i’ve seen it at least 5 times but it never fails to crack me up. teehee. ((= too bad i downloaded the “censored” version. nevertheless, not much missed out!

then j went to sleep and……. we started on our films both of which made me cry like a baby. It was much worse than the bucket list or remember me. On a really positive note, this means my tear ducts aren’t “blocked”, which happened when I was young and I couldn’t cry.

the first film…

Andy has never caught pearl harbour before, and yes brawl brawl brawl… Except, this time, I didn’t cry at the opening credits of pearl harbour. -avoids eye contact- I remember watching it at home and i started tearing the min i heard the song, and my sis was like “what’s wrong with you?!”

me: pearl harbour.. ))=
sis: which part are you at?! why cry??
me: uhm. show hasn’t actually started yet…
sis: mad ah?

I cried everytime the actors were talking and andy was ruining the moment! he was like “are you gonna tumblr the quotes” and i wanted to stab him because i wanted to do that! grr.

(also, i prepared a tissue box by my side cos i knew what would happen haha.)

it was about 5 when we were done w pearl harbour and then we moved on to the 2nd movie…


sobfest no.2. cannot understand how andy can just sit there and not feel anything. HEART MADE OF STONE IS IT?

ps: we saw the sun rise. 😀

the show wasn’t as good as pearl harbour in my opinion, but i liked it! i didn’t cry that much though, simply because there was less action, heaps more drilling and all. and we ate zha jiang mian for breakfast while watching the show. i was quite a wreck when harry called his daughter to say goodbye. )=

was about 8.15 when we ended our mini movie marathon. hoho. felt quite awake and honestly those 2 shows made me feel like i should treasure every single moment of my life. it isn’t one of those ‘feel good’ movies and maybe i’ll reflect on the shows one day, esp armageddon.

okay i’ve only slept for 2hours, because i woke up at about 1040 to head to st kilda’s beach w momsy and j. another blog post soon, i’m off to bed! will wake up later 😀

ps: i am gna miss momsy a lot.

2 responses to “movie date night!

  1. wahahah. as an apology, here’s a nice pearl harbor quote. can use it on your tumblr if you want, i think it’s sweet. 🙂

    rafe: you’re so beautiful it hurts.
    evelyn: it’s your nose that hurts.
    rafe: i think it’s my heart.

    and also, my heart is not made of STONE! maybe my tear ducts are blocked. i’ll tell you if i manage to cry someday.

  2. not sweet leh! i would have rolled my eyes. lol. whoopz.

    but ok i’ll find nice quotes and put on tumblr(=

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