up on my wall.

so i finally got my lady bug photo frame up.
i bought it in week 2, it’s already week 10. oops? :/
so this afternoon after class i headed down to the printer’s to get it all printed out hehe.

there was a bit of a problem, the sizes weren’t how they should have been, but i managed to cut some parts away, and there wasn’t 3R, so i made everything into 4R.

note: im missing a picture of g an i in my frame. )= this means.. time for a new 20-piece photo frame! 😀

photos on my lap (=

it was so tough trying to fit the photos together because the photo papers were curved. and i couldn’t stick it to the frame so they wobbled.

my ladybug framesets. yea i’ve been having ladybugs as friends for the past 8 weeks.

jsyk, this is on my door. (= makes me smile everytime. i need at least like, 2 more posters!!!

ta-dah!! all done up!


okay so my room is still REALLY plain. i’ll go fine more posters, and frames. PFFT.

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