life changing experience: not.

everyone has stories to tell and well, here’s mine. i think it’s really different when you go into a strip club to experience it, and when you go in to touch and do stuff.

went to this strip club today. have been making plans for it and my friend (male) and i decided to go try how it’s like cos i wanted a lap dance hehe.

so after dinner we went to club x. it’s located on swanston street, not discreet AT ALL. all the guys inside were.. well.. the asian guy looked embarrassed to be inside..

there were more dildos than i’ve ever seen in my life.. porn mags, dvds.. what have you. geez.

so anyway i booked myself a lap dance. friend Z didn’t want.. so it was just me.

went downsatairs with Z and the girl was wondering which one of us wanted it. anyway i went into the room with her and she was saying it was her first time dancing for a femme.

and boy oh boy i talked to her much more than i expected. not dirty talk, normal, everyday talk where you get to know a person.

her: so is this your first time?
me: yea.
her: nervous?
me: nope…
her: okay well it’s $50 to touch me, and $50 to touch yourself, and i could do other stuff if you wanted
me: no no just dance thank you!
her: okay.. well this is the first time i’m dancing for a girl.. so..
me: oh i hope this isn’t awkward for you…
her: no no i’m pretty drunk right now i’m fine..

and then she started dancing… rolling her hips… and she yes, stripped. shook her boobs in front of me, doing the same hip rolling and thrusting action and she… well.. she did stuff that would turn guys on. lol.

her: so whose idea was it for you to get a dance? your boyfriend? (referring to Z)
me: nonoo he’s a classmate, and it was my idea.
her: so.. are you.. straight or bi or gay?
me: i don’t know.. (i didn’t want her to feel awkward see) how long have you been doing this for?
her: 2 months..
me: oh..

and she continues moving and moving and i kept my eyes focused on her boobs cos…. ah well… lol..

and when the dance ended (i really wish she did more moves and less touching? i learnt so much more from my dance class… hmm)

me: so uh. are you bi?
her: well i have a boyfriend…. so..
me: ah! i see..
her: i hope you enjoyed yourself, and that i didn’t spoil your first experience for you..
me: nah, it was pretty fun.

came out and Z decided to have a go. and he got to touch her boobs for free cos she felt bad. urgh. why why why………

ah well. it was.. fun.

was the money paid worth it?

would i do it again?
sure, but at a proper strip club with tonnes of strippers, not just one.

was i turned on?
no…. sadly..

what kind of dance was it again?
i don’t know man. she didn’t sit on my lap or anything. blah.

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  2. def man. 100% better… + free somemore hahahaha

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