sem 1 timetable.

so today marked the last day of school for me. wow, 1 sem has passed real quick.

of course, i’m still busy with school work.
1 essay
1 take home exam
2 exams.

this is my school timetable

i have free fridays, and my thursday class from 1-4pm isn’t weekly. out of the 12 weeks, we only had to go for 2 classes. so thursday and tuesday was pretty much a 1hr school day for me.

i’ve been really lucky, such a good timetable. yet i’ve been abusing my time here. skipping lectures simply because i don’t understand that the lecturer is talking about.

out of the 4 modules, i’ve only been skipping 2 frequently. the first being human animal interaction. the second being syntax. i have a love/hate r/s with syntax. i like how it sheds light on grammar and all, i hate how the lecturer bulldozes through. as for human animal interaction, i’d always be so sleepy on mondays i’ll skip the 1st 2 hrs (of course i’ll listen to the lectures online). so that’s about it. i’ve never skipped the other 2 modules, both tutes and lects. hmm.

well, it’s the last leg of the race, wish me luck. (=

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