19 movies i’ll never watch / re-watch

only because i really hate stupid shows.. who cares if they’ve been box office hits?!

1) Dude where’s my car (whoever asks/has asked me to watch this seriously needs to get a life)

2) Pirates of the Carribean
Uhm, sorry, not interested. i’d rather collect stamps

3) Star Wars
what a freaking stupid show that will never happen in real life. granted, tonnes of movies will never happen in real life but this kinda takes the cake. stupid men in stupid suits and armours.

4) Alice in Wonderland
because i hated the queen and the card people when i was young and they freaked me out.

5) Toy Story
ugly potato, gay astronaut? no thx.

6) Lord of the Rings
i’ll rather slit my wirsts than watch this.

7) Clash of the Titans
predictable boring story hello?! the stupid lady who had to be saved? shld have let her die.

8) Spiderman (and it’s stupid sequels)
one of the worst marvel comics ever. hate it to the core. and mary-jane deserves a kick, no make that 10. 10 kicks in the nuts. for being utterly useless, for being a whiny dork in the show, switching love partners. really? NOT COOL.

9) Batman (this is even worse)
your car is ugly, you have close to 0 powers, sorry, what good are you again? I’d love to see catwoman finish you off. that lady’s got a whip and i’m preeety sure guys would pay to let her whip them.

10) Initial D
i love cars but i really hated the stupid jay chou love story.. -pukes-

11) elf
i loved this show when i was young. watched it twice and scorned when everyone said it sucked. i’m on their side now WHAT A RETARDED SHOW.

12) Honey I shrunk / blew up the kids
hello stupid story with really stupid CG. how FREAKING DUMD?

13) Scary movie
Why? WHY? really? you’re asking me why? because they should have renamed it to “stupid movie”

14) slumdog millionaire
yea so the guy won a million dollars because of his life blablabla. predictable story…

15) Harold and Kumar
Do we really need more stupid shows on earth…

16) The Mask
Erm. hated the show as a kid.

18) Prom Night
seriously? american police officers are that dumb? letting the guy go free and ONLY catching him after he has killed everyone around the lead? should have just killed her for a twist ya?!

18) Up
I’m not sorry. i loved the first few minutes, but i hated the stupid bird, the even more lame talking ANNOYING dog. really? can the fierce dogs have gotten any more annoying esp the high pitched one? and did we really need the “squirrel” thing?

19) Polar Express.
just.shoot.me. the cartoons? can you decide if you want to make them lifelike or not…

and that ends my angsty list.. i hate it when there are predictable story lines (which is why i liked the movie, remember me.) hate it when “superheroes” just can’t seem to die. really?! the good guy ALWAYS has to win?

other stupid shows where in the first few minutes, actress gets freaked out by something, does a stupid counter action and dies. really, who didn’t see it coming? because people like that deserve to die..

2 responses to “19 movies i’ll never watch / re-watch

  1. OMG SAME. The Alice in wonderland point! Up till now, I still have not watched finish the cartoon version. THE QUEEN OF HEARTS IS DAMN SCARY.

  2. hahaha i also nvr watch the cartoon one.. books is enough alr

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