convos NOT worth having


I’ve been getting weird ass shit i don’t deserve..
here’s one…

so X (female) is rambling to me about her problems in bits and pieces. which is fine by me because hey what are friends for… but she says stuff like “i dont know how to tell you” “you wont understand” which make me go “??” in my head..

it’s like going up to a person, whining about how life sucks, but not saying which aspects? what’s the point man? but i still listen, i wait for her to type, and i read.

gotta admit i’m not the most patient person, and i flare up really easily.

convo below is c/p-ed not edited.
X: wah i think u daamn busy loh
X: always reply so short de
me: .. where got short
me: im jus stating facts…
X: u see not more than 5 words
me: then how u want me to type…
me: one long para?
me: is like i type and press enter what
me: -_-
X: last time u type long para de leh
me: but i keep pressing enter???
X: hao lian leh u
X: enter ur head lah
me: whatever ok you can say what you want

SERIOUSLY. WTF? come online and get this shit for no reason? geez. fuck off man. how is it possible to type one long para on msn? would’ve sent an email please.

and what’s with the “hao lian” part that really got on my nerves. fucking NO link can? was like talking to a wall i was so pissed off yesterday.

1) don’t want to share your problems with me, never mind. but don’t keep saying “wa my life so stresss.. aiya you won’t understand lah..”

2) i’m not a punching bag. whine,rant, scream all you want. but seriously? hao lian? whut?

and there was another time this person was so stressed, she said stuff to me like “oh but you’re so selfish anyway you won’t bother about XXXXX”

and i was like. er ok… haahhaha gotta say it hurt my ego like mad.

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