the penis theory

i thought of this. so.. if anyone told you about it. IT CAME FROM ME.

andy and i were talking about dick size and i was saying i don’t get a guy with a small (and short) dick cos then if i wanted to be preggers, the sperm must swim for damn long. and the chances of them dying is higher.

and, in his words.. he said “simi theory” and “this one is depending on sperm count”

BUT. amazing and awesome me managed to prove that my theory is right. logical.

gave him this explanation.

You’re sitting in a train from Clementi to Pasir Ris. and 1/2 way, the train spoils, dropping you off at Raffles Place. Somehow, the only choice you have, is to walk from Raffles Place to Pasir Ris.

going by Andy’s explaination, it doesn’t matter, sperm count, and propably how strong the sperm is.. thus meaning that it doesn’t matter where the train stops at, as long as you have the stamina to walk there.

BUT.. surely the train plays a part?
if the train spoilt at Simei instead, it would have been easier for one to walk from Simei to Pasir Ris, compared to walking from Raffles Place to Pasir Ris, no?

you’d need so much more determination to get to your destination…

and thus I conclude. if you want a higher chance of getting pregnant, you need to pray that your dude has a longer dick. the chances of you getting pregnant are higher. of course, if he only has quantity and not quality, you’re still doomed.

ps: if you want to know andy’s response…

“how you come up with such a theory seriously”
“true la”

so yes. if even he, as a guy, agrees with me.. i wish all the other guys luck. haha it’s not my fault if you don’t get laid.

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