the male ejaculation theory

was talking to andy (yea forever telling him crappy stuff hahah), asking him to choose something for me and he said

“i like white stuff”

and I was like “yea dude, I know, if not you won’t pcc”

and he said that pcc-ing isn’t about seeing white stuff to make you happy.

but my point of view is..
without the white stuff coming out, would you feel happy?
you’d feel like shit. i’d liken it to.. you’re at the top of the rollercoaster ride, and no matter what you do, you keep climbing higher and higher, but there’s never the point of time where you suddenly tip over real quick and feel so free.

so yea. i kinda think guys do it to see the white stuff. haah!

2 responses to “the male ejaculation theory

  1. if you think abt it, it’s the sudden dip of the rollercoaster that ppl get the thrill from, rather than getting to the bottom of the ride (the end product).

    there’s 3 stages of a rollercoaster, the going up, the dipping and the gradual pulling in to the control station. your theory only has 2 stages.

    now you understand?

  2. well for me if i’m on a rollercoaster… i want to get to the bottom of the ride..

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