i’m getting REALLY annoyed….

1) my period isn’t here yet.
seriously…. i know it’s called a “period” BUT IT HAS TO COME SOONER OR LATER.

i was hoping it’d be late seeing how i’d be diving, and late it was.. but till now it’s still not here.

and they say that if you’re stressed, your period sometimes just doesn’t come?

but &*^%^#$% when it isn’t here, it stresses the shit outta me (like how i was really stressed under water at first) and is this what they call a vicious cycle?

just.come.already.damnit. being a girl is sucha pain… and it’s such a waste of $$ buying tampons!

2) i lack sleep.

haven’t been getting much sleep since getting back from cairns. granted, sleeping on the boat was a lil.. well the cabin was tiny and i was sea sick so i didn’t rest well..

but ever since i came back my sleep has just been crappy )))= and i am really tired.

see monday i reached melb at 6ish, and fell asleep only at 8am. i woke up at 930 cos there was some fire alarm shit, went back to sleep, and woke up at 1130. and for the whole day i pretty much stayed awake..

and then i slept at about 3-ish and woke up at about 9maybe on tuesday.. i can’t remember.. on weds i woke up at around 9 maybe? tried to take a nap at about 5ish and was interrupted by my sis’s texting. -glares-. woke up at 7, very very light sleep though sigh.

and today’s the best. slept at 4am, wanted to make sure i was worn out so i could get tonnes of rest.. but HEY i woke up at 630..

and that sums up my sleep..

i am very grouchy now. )= but by tonight i should be happily partying w my family. till then….. xx

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