trickery food

have been meeting up with cass and i really enjoy spending time with her.. bleh! we had our usual hokkien mee. hehe.

celebrated lamley’s birthday last night at tung lok at OC and i love their cereal prawns! had a prawn peeling competition, i need to work on my chopstick skills. it felt nice yet funny to be eating in a chinese restaurant. maybe because we’re too young? which is a good thing hehe. then again, i always feel that if we were to go to a chinese restaurant, it’s best to go in a big group because then you can try everything in small portions. their seafood noodles were good too (=

then came to the desserts and cass and i were talking about food that tricks us. it works like this:

you know you don’t really like eating it, but everytime you see it, you feel like you should try and take a bite. and the minute you eat it, you suddenly remember “oh! this is why i don’t really like it” xrepeat.

food for me includes

1) chocolate cookies
2) anything chocolate related (Except cakes)
3) goreng pisang
4) waffles (those at bakeries, freshly made and you can put spreads on it)

and i’ve come to realise that most of these are desserts.. i guess for savory food i’m more or less settled…

and there was this funny bit we had.
me: eh cass, both are thai chilli sauces, why you only like one?
her: it’s like, you don’t eat pork, but eat bacon.

hmmm. food for thought.

off to another wedding!

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