life goes on

so today was my last day working as a relief teacher (cues awwww) and i’ve mixed feelings about it.

i’m happy because..
1) no more 6.15 am days!!!
2) no more feeling frustrated when i can’t get students to zip it.
3) no more reekin of oil when i head to the canteen. i’ve been taking my food away because i didn’t want to smell hehe.

sad because..
1) no more income…
2) i will miss my kids! they’re sooo cute. we’ve grown closer over the weeks and they’ve opened up and it’s really so heartwarming to see how much they’ve improved..
3) no more cheap canteen food! crap. going back to the land of $10 fried rice
4) no kids to entertain me. )=
5) the other 3 relief teachers in the EL depart crack me up soooo much. when the first one left his black shoes in the cab and he wore sports shoes. or another time where one of their shoes split and they were huddling in a corner and they were all like “OH NO OH NO” HAHAHA EPIC. and they taped the shoe and it looked utterly ridiculous…… or how 3 of them keep thinking i’m pissed. must be my face cos i’m pretty darn awesome.

i gotta say i think my grammar has improved. i’ve flipped a million supp books, came up w my own notes and examples (which was fun for me cos i came up with amazing examples, sth they’d laugh at haha)

that said, i was really surprised my 2 teachers (now colleagues) told me they received feedback about me from my students and it was pretty good. hooray!

i’m pretty glad that instead of teaching mega huge classes i got the chance to teach smaller groups of intl kids.. it was rly interesting..

oh right, here’s a photo we took on my laptop. we caught part of “what a girl wants” today. cute show, and i thought it’d be good if they watched a show with somewhat proper english, and they needed a ‘break’ from all the grammar lessons. while watching the show i was keeping tabs on how many times prepositions were used, job hazzard or what? well at least i’ve stopped nit picking on how the framing should be..

in a week’s time, it’ll be my turn to study. ah, life goes on.

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