Day 06 – A picture of a person you’d love to trade places with for a day

i cannot post the person’s picture up because it’ll seem really stalkerish.. :/
that person isn’t a celebrity, or some mega famous person.. but good enough for me i think.

If i could be her for a day, i def would. she rocks simple clothes, has really nice shoes, goes on amazing holidays, has wads of cash (in my opinion), is talented enough to be a model (to me), really brainy. she rides bikes, has pretty accessories, has a fiancee, is probably around 24, has her own shop which sells amazing clothes…

and i’ve told my sister so so so many times i wish i could work for her (or her label), meet her, and i even wished i was in her shoes…

see i don’t believe she was born rich or anything, but i believe she worked really hard to put herself on the “fashion scene” and i’m pretty sure many other girls idolise her and wish they were in her shoes too. and i know she worked really hard to be who she is today. and her family seems really close knit and all. it’s as though her life is perfect, always busy with activities, flying for business and leisure, she’s always surrounded w love!

the best part is she’s from singapore and i really look up to her (=

okay enough talk, her name is velda tan, and she’s one of the 3 owners from love, bonito.

so yea, if i could, i’d def wanna be her for one day, or at least see how life is like for her. 😀

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