Day 10 – A picture of the person you do the most messed up things with.

I haven’t done messed up things.. much… but i talk to people about them..

yea probably this woman here… cos she happens to be home.. when i reach home she’s at her com.. haha.. okay used to lah. now we whatsapp. we so cool yo!

i tell her the most random stuff, how i hate clubbing, drinking, weird people i meet, i’ll even tell her when i fart hahahahaha the face is always priceless. or boy talk, how i move on from guy to guy in days but it’s all goooood cos nothing happens and it’s funny. “oh new one ah” and in 5mins i’ll be like “eeyer dont like him already”

and it’ll be funny cos she’ll say she’s been in X position too, or she has done that too.. and it seems we react the same way to some situations.. so that’s cool…..

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