Day 12 – A picture of something you love

VERY late but.. hmm..

something i love..

this is baby, my hamster. (oh yea she passed away) and i love her lots. she’s the cutest thing on earth.

i got her as a day 1 baby when bubbles gave birth and this little one was a fighter. she’d wriggle about in the toyogo box and i was so afraid that bubbles would eat her )= and bubbles did eat the other baby hamsters, i counted 5 on day 1, and a few days later they just started disappearing and i was crying but there was this 1 tiny baby.

and it started growing blackish fur.. and i saw her wriggling away from bubbles when bubbles was sleeping. and then once, bubbles woke up, found baby gone, and went to find her and brought baby back to the lil nest made of cotton.

wayyyy cute! ((=
at first i couldn’t tell if baby was a boy or girl, so momsy and i just decided to call it ‘baby’ and that we’d change the name when we knew the sex. but the name stuck!

i bonded with baby very well, to those who say that hamsters can’t respond, and it’s a one way relationship, bullshit!

baby would know when i put my hand in the box and she’d just run over and crawl on my hand. and if she happened to bite me (when i scared her), when she realises it was me she’d start licking the place she bit. very sweet hamster 😀 and i’ll just take her out and let her run on the sofa and she won’t poop or pee.

once when baby was young, she climbed out of her toyogo box and ran away and i freaked out. i was going for class, i didn’t know if she escaped through the doors, and my parents were pretty sure she ran away, out of the house, and would fall into a drain / get eaten by the damn crows. i cried like MAD and i still went for class. when i came home i searched high and low for her and i found her hiding between 2 shelves! she was just sitting in there stoning and i was so so so overjoyed. pulled her out and she was quite happy too, poor girl, no food or water..

i think one of the lowest points was when baby started getting weaker and she’s start sleeping in random places like in the toilet, under the wheel.. whereas she usually slept in her cotton nest.. and each day was just tormenting cos she couldn’t move very much.. but still she’d make an effort to come crawl onto my hand whenever i put it in the box.

the day she passed away, that morning, when i put my hand in, baby crawled over so slowly i thought she wouldn’t make it. :/ when she reached my hand she just rested her head on my fingers and lay there. she had no strength to even climb onto my hand to rest.. that was heartbreaking for me. )= and i told her to wait for me and i’d rush home as soon as i ended class.. but stuff cropped up in school and i couldn’t be there. so i was crying in sch when momsy called..

but now baby’s happily resting and kx gave me a rainbow pinwheel for baby and they’re in my garden. (=

it’s jsut when you never thought you could bond well such a tiny animal, the brain smaller than your fingernail.. well everyone’s wrong. (=

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