what i learnt from camp

x clubs in uni melb aren’t only for the school’s faculty
x engineers in uni melb aren’t all geeks
x the camp is full of talented musicians, i’m probably the least talented of all
x i’m really attracted to people who are musically inclined
x camps in aus are amazing. beds, pillows, hot water, ensuite
x parties have to occur nightly, till early in the morning
x it’s possible to sleep for 4 hrs, prac for one whole day, party the whole night/ late morn, and prac for another 1/2 day.
x naked run
x tops-off dancing
x don’t sleep early or dicks will be drawn on your body
x camp food isn’t cold packets of rice with 1 chicken wing, few pieces of long beans, 1 egg.
breakfast: cereal, toast, eggs, bacon.
morning tea: freshly baked cakes. lunch: build your own sandwich, free flow turkey ham, beef, pork, vege, ministrone soup, pumpkin soup, tomato soup, garden bbq beef burgers.
late tea: more cakes, jelly.
dinner: beef/vege pasta.
dessert: peach tart with ice cream, lemingtons, brownies.
(we are obviously well fed…)
x beers are a must. like, 10 a day. the majority of rubbish came from beer bottles
x sculling 3 times isn’t fun; sculling a jug = puking
x you get to see wild kangaroos
x happy happy fun games
x sexual content makes games more fun
x organising a camp is quite chill, in terms of lodging and rules. you pick any room you want to sleep in, buddies are both male/female.
x no shitty rules about making out, sex, drugs, smoking, exploring. whatever, you’re an adult.
x organisers and comm members don’t act like elites and sit alone. everyone just sits with wherever there’s space

… other words, i’m now playing the percussion in the concert band, and the orchestra. mon & weds.

one time… at band camp…

3 responses to “camp

  1. Your camp is awesome!!

  2. yea! haah. ((= wish you were here!! we can dance all night and i can hear you play your trombone

  3. haha.. done know still can play anot ar..

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