Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.

there are so many places i’d love to go to, simply because i love traveling, being in a new place, absorbing the atmosphere, culture, people (i know you cant absorb people.. but still)

I also love the idea of just unwinding in a different country. you know, to lie on the grass, fall asleep, wake up, and know you aren’t dreaming. or to gaze at the stars…

of course, it’ll be really nice if i could go with (that special someone) but he/she doesn’t exist yet.. so i’ll just continue dreaming. then again i wouldn’t mind going with a really close friend, or a close group of friends!

I’d love to travel the whole of europe one day.. but okay.. here’s one place.

only because my godma gets to go there yearly, and ever since i was in secondary school, i’d bug momsy to let me go to paris with my godma.

and every year momsy will say okay, but i still can’t go because of school..
05: school.. sec 3.. crucial..
06: o levels..
07: poly school term
08: poly school term
09: poly school term
10: uni..
11: uni..
12: sigh, uni.

but i’ve already decided i should make it a point to go with my godma real soon!!! if she leaves her job then i’ll have no one to bring me around and all.. so yes, paris it shall be.

other than that, germany pls. thx.

2 responses to “Day 20 – A picture of somewhere you’d love to travel.

  1. ah…france…long time no see hahaha XD

  2. ahh france… never seen you before. lol

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