good mornings

i need to get up earlier! mornings are too beautiful to waste sleeping in, as much as i love it.

here are the good things that have happened in the span of 5 hours.
– beautiful sunrise
– awesome korean instant noodles
– praying
– writing out to-do list. calms me down
– writing out more than 1/2 my essay. which is a lil shocking but maybe all i’ve written is crap. still, editing is easier than churning lines
– talking to feli on fb

that’s about it for now. but still, wow.

4 responses to “good mornings

  1. It sounds like you didn’t do a whole lot in five hours.

    I like that.

  2. well the main thing was to start on my essay and i completed more than i thought i would haha!

  3. aliciachanhuixin

    Hey charmaine! That’s a lot of things that you have done, compared to me, sleeping. Anyways, I am glad that you are still going for church and such. Can you bring me along the next time? But is the place far from the city?

  4. It was a one off thing eh haha. i hardly go for church now, maybe because no one goes with me, oops. so yes it’d be nice if u wanna come along. just tell me when? am going on the 12th of june.. if u wanna come along. we can either go to bridge or cross culture. the latter is in the city

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