one more week till im free

I’m really busy with schoolwork, but just thought i should take some time (like 5 mins haha) to talk about how God has been working furiously in my life. and i believe that it’s him who’s driving it, not just mere coincidence and all…

here’s my timetable for the week:

(printscreen from desktop. unfortunately i’ve to replace my helicopter to this, till thurs)

i’m super packed, and i’m organising cell stuff this friday, which means i have to be there, and also, it meant that i’ve been organising stuff for it the past week.

never thought i could juggle commitments and studies (am glad in a way there’s no more band prac then?) so obviously God has been really good, pushing me on.

the past week has been hellish of sorts for me, sleeping and waking at the worst timings ever.

i can’t remember when but i started sleeping at 5am, then 7am and 8am.. and waking up from like 2pm and the latest: 5pm. really screwing myself over because if i’ve only got assignments it’s fine but i’ve other things to do outside too.. am really glad for the break j and i took on tuesday. even though it meant little sleep for me.

so on tues, i slept at 5am, woke up at 10am and walked to the city to try change my phone for a new one (but failed, btw). had lunch, waited while j got stuff, j waited while i got stuff. we bought some necessities, dumped them at home, went back to the city to shop, where we spent about an hour in a|x (where i found a new level of “being broke”). threading on thin ice, really, it’s not very practical of me to shop when i’ve no cash (sadly, i’ve reached an “all time broke” in my bank which never happened in my life. i kinda feel like a guy who suddenly can’t get it up.) then we got other things, shared a mega box of fries, shopped for groceries and went home. it was about 9ish by the time we reached home, and i napped for about 2 hrs..

(this is weds)
woke up at 1ish, stayed up to do work, went to bed at 6ish, but only managed to fall asleep at 7ish 8. woke up at 5pm, there was no more sun. got depressed and prayed that i’ll get my sleep pattern back. :/ really prayed.

and then i slept at about 1am, intending to wake up at 9 to do work but this morning (thurs) i jolted awake at 5.51am. tried convincing myself to go back to sleep for 3 more hours. whatsapped my sis, who was awake, so i decided to wake up for good and get some work done because i’ve stuff on later.

it’s 8.39am now, still feeling fairly awake, going on strong. am amazed how calm I am after God has given me strength to
1) turn my body clock back
2) stay calm and write my essays
and i mean, prayer really does work. i mean even though you don’t see the results like -snap-, but it calms me down and gives me a sense of direction and i know who i can fall back on…

i guess procrastinating never pays, but till the 9th, i’ll be a slave to my books. also, in a really personal/private way, i found out yesterday why God has kept me single. and i’m hoping it stays that way for a really long time. till maybe 2yrs before i get married (haha).

OKAY BACK TO MY BOOKS. this was kinda therapeutic..

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