ian potter and rock of ages

decided to go to the ian potter museum w my parents because i’ve never been there before.. no pictures of the museum, but it’s in school! (=

after school we headed over to “what about food” for brunch.


home made baked beans with rye

scrambled eggs on sourdough rye with mozerella and bacon. shared this w mom.

this is the place where i learnt how to eat eggs! haha only because it doesn’t taste like eggs..

saw this cute baby. yea haha im biased like that.
thought the mother spilt tomato sauce on the baby’s head cos there was this red blotch.. then my mom said it was a birth mark. just as well, i nearly wanted to tell the mom. haha!!!

we decided to catch “rock of ages” the musical.. (=

comedy theatre..



it was really cool, they gave us fake lighters that we could shine along to songs.

alcohol was served throughout the show, with tonnes of cheering and all. with a medley of rock songs, tattooed men, people who literally “rocked”, i’d watch it again!
a lil dark, the ticked we printed on our own. (=

i went to chadstone to fix my laptop and phone while the parents went for a walk… came home, slept, and then woke up to meet felix. happened to see my parents on the way home so i joined them for dinner.. papa ginos! yum yum… then headed over to josh’s place for beef stew and stole his com for l4d2 ahha.

came home to pack and finalised details for our road trip. whoo!

okay more another time

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