bangkok baby!

was a last min decision to head to bangkok w my sis and her friends.. didn’t really wanna “tag” along but i wanted to get away from everything.. and just.. walk around in an unfamiliar place..

went there from the 9-13, stayed an extra day while the rest flew off.

what luck i had 3 seats to myself.. slept in so many positions haha

hotel was cosy.. the bed took up most of the space, but it was all good..


even came with a mini bar.. (not in pic)

was about 4ish 5 when we left our hotel.. took a tuktuk to platinum mall.. some wholesale place..
just the 4 of us cos my sis was attending a silly concert in sg.

didn’t buy many things, sadly! the quality isn’t that good, price isn’t that cheap either. of course, coming from melbourne, everything is cheap, but given the standard of living over there i’m pretty sure they killed our wallets..

went for a massage at night..
opted for just the head, shoulders, hands and leg one.. cannot let them touch my whole body! i’ll probably sprain every part :/
the lady kept putting her finger to her lips.. yea cos i kept laughing and squirming.. it’s pretty clear which places can’t be touched..
thighs, neck, lower back… yeapp.

she used this wooden stick to press my fingertips and at first.. uhh very active imagination.. i thought she was taking a knife to slice my fingers so i sat up in shock and looked at my hand. :/

sis joined us the next day.. went to explore the top floor..
ahhh pretty pool..


took a cab to chatuchak..

split up with the rest.. felt quite bad because my sis was with me instead of her friends.. and it’s her holiday with them.. :/ but it was quite fun to shop with her. and her mad bargaining skills.. she got us some pretty dresses (=

semi-dragged her to the animal part of the market and began to scoop bunnies up shamelessly while shoving the camera to her..

this bunny is really cute. but it’s right paw is a stub. )= wanted to kidnap it..


we fell asleep in the cab back to our hotel :/ guess we woke up early.. went for yet another massage.. i only did it cos i didn’t wanna stone in the lobby for an hour.. and the lobby is freezing.. the lady told me to stop laughing again.. grr…

went to terminal 21.. think it’s a new mall! love the concept..
every floor is a diff city..


deco, lighting, everything was really good. bright coloured lights.. quite pretty. my only gripe was that the escalators are majorly long/high.. i’ve a fear of heights, and i don’t really dare to take an escalator from a higher level to a lower level.. have some problems (physical coordination) with that..

headed to patpong.. not really my type of place i guess.. sleazy bars, hamsup farangs… every angmoh over there.. we all know why they’re there.. urg.

headed to siam center on sunday..
there was the mdm tussauds museum, which i wanted to go, but my sis said there’d be lotsa thai stars there which i won’t even know, so it wouldn’t be worth my money.. and she has already been to the one in hk.. decided not to go because i don’t wanna go alone.. wax figurines scare me.. plus who’s gonna take incriminating photos for me? i mean, why else will i go to the wax museum.. hahaha

but with luck they put one dude out for display!
yay nicholas cage!!

look kinda short beside him.. :/ i felt his stubble.. so gross..

and i just had to do this..
yea cos otherwise it isn’t fun.. saw those army boys staring at me hahaha. no la down there no buldge lah. just flat flat one like female..

walked over to siam paragon and saw tom cruise~ oh yea baby lucky day..

walked around quite a bit and went to this seafood place dad recommended.. i remember coming here when i was 16 (=

yay to me being a pig..

went back to platinum mall cos my sis didn’t go there previously.. after that she went for a massage while i went back to the hotel and had room service..
quite good a meal for $10 sgd! (= granted i didn’t really touch the steak.. too much fat. but the ceasar salad was yummy..

on monday the rest were going to fly back in the evening.. but they wanted to go back to siam so we did.. once again my sis didn’t wanna follow them to walk around.. so i went with her to mbk to buy stuff for our family.. did our nails too (i could have done a better job)

it was a mad rush to our hotel after lunch.. tuktuk guy took us on a joy ride.. asshole…

while they left for the hotel, i took a cab to my cousin’s place..

bought this for his daughter. hoho. it’s so cute!

even has wings. -melts-

listened to him while he told me about the history of krav maga.. and how they train.. it’s quite exciting, actually..
this is his gym room.. mega cool

so yea he taught me a few moves, gave me a lesson… i’m wondering if he got annoyed with me cos i kept laughing..

and a whole lot of guns on the rack..

quite a pity i couldn’t ask him to take pictures for me while i hold the damn guns.. or to even take a photo with him.

yea because i’m like supposedly an adult (though i really didn’t behave like one at his place i kept laughing like an idiot).. and it’s our first time meeting in like what, 10 yrs? everyone’s asking if it’s really weird or something but it isn’t.

so yea anw i didn’t ask for a pic with him because i was afraid he’d sad no and hurt my ego. he’s this like. macho dude… and i’m this.. loser from sg who crashed at his place for one night. haha.

i took off the next morn at 630. cuz didn’t wake up to say bye to me -sad face- #foreveralone

and that marks the end of my trip! ((= enjoyable, i guess… but maybe thailand has ceased to interest me.. there’s only so much you can shop, or enjoy the road side stalls…

i don’t know how but i always imagine people to be perfect before i meet them and of course they’ll disappoint me, but then again, it’s just me i guess. which idiot thinks people are perfect?

like for my cuz and i at first we hit off well but then at night when he bashed singapore saying there’s nothing to do.. i was just like -raises hands- okay i can’t say much because i’m contented just hanging out with my friends..

:/ expectations x reality i guess. not that i didn’t enjoy it, i just expected something a whole lot nicer, different.. like.. family..? being able to talk and joke a whole lot.. like how i do with my guy friends..

but ok i’ll give it.. he’s a dad.. so it’s probably a different ball game.. at first i didn’t feel that i was intruding but when i left that morning it was quite an empty feeling.. hmm.

/ends emo rant.

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