building a bear.. takes courage.


happy girl with a paper box.

so we’ve celebrated p’s birthday.. sort of. errr. well there wasn’t cake but we did it on valentine’s day. and j always wanted to get kx to do the embarrassing bear pledge, but we figured j would have liked it better as there’s a dinosaur..

met kx and p at bugis in the morn to buy dresses for j BUT IT WASN’T THERE ANYMORE. so we practically wasted time.. urgh. had lunch at this jap place (BUTTER SCALLOPS) it was heeavvveennn. also, i had indigestion so.. :/

and then we just started walkin toward the BABW hahha. i don’t have many pics.. cos p and kx have their professional cams, mine’s just an s100.. so.. and i was doin the vid. oh yea, ought to get to it!

my housie and i! and a.. dragon in the house.


took a cab to mt faber safra
the room is huge! (they wanted to sing at kbox btw) haha i was like BED? MINE. and i ran up the small flight of stairs and plopped myself there.

i quite liked the decor actually, pretty!
nice and cosy for the 4 of us. really quite good. cos we don’t like… sit properly.. we just roll around ahahah. i can vouch for that cos kx has literally rolled on me while i was lying down. that creep.


and they got cosy and i’m like. bitch plz, so much space in the room!

that’s how lazy i was. didn’t even hold the mike.

j’s dino, bob.

was a reallllly chill session. we basically just let the songs play while we did silly things.

p brought her polaroid camera, so we had lotsa funnn.

left at about 7, was in a rush, which was a good thing, no time to be sad because it was sat, and i left on sun!

okay off to shower nowwwww.

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