band camp – highlights

I’m back from band camp!

bulletpoints, because i’ve no pictures, and i’m going out soon.

– organised HHFG / trivia with aimee
– judged HHFG instead of participating.
– two guys from a group (ironic, blue team. the team i was supp to be in) did a mini-strip dance for aimee and i. was backed up against a wall. acccck.
– fresher passed out at 1130, before HHFG even ended. (we only started camp games at 1030)
– birthday celebration for lachie.
– met a male-slut on the d-floor. HAHAHAHA. got a second strip dance from the same guy.
– best wake up song ever: wake me up before you go-go
– jelly eating competition. 1.2L per person
– horoscope text messaging: your lucky numbers are 68 and 1. when the stars are aligned with uranus. you can get ahead, by getting head.
– boat-raced with coke. accck.
– missed both days of breakfast. woke up at 940 when band prac was at at 9. but it’s okay cos they cancelled prac. hahah.
– got my ass kicked twice at checkers.
– cloudy night, no stars.
– naked run + ropes course while drunk
– got dizzy while walking in circles to the wine song. I CANNOT DO THIS I’M NOT YOUNG ANYMORE. thought i was gonna die. held the guy beside me for support.
– overload on food; diet isn’t going well, obviously.

also, i met a heap of amazing people.

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