melbourne queer film festival

movies + lil rant

(I do realise that my pictures are centered when I upload via wordpress instead of photobucket. kinda annoys me a bit, i can’t decide which i prefer)

caught three films during the festival, and I’m so glad I went! all thanks to j who found out about it. and it really fits because I’m pro glbt (despite being christian. can already hear people wanting to pray for me -_-) and we’re all human after all. i don’t see why I should tell you who to love. so much for the sanctity of marriage, right. Because heterosexual couples stay together forever, they don’t cheat on one another, nah no such thing. and they all produce straight children. and besides, no one divorces in 48 hours, or 72 days. rigggghtttt.

so much to say about the topic, whoops! I didn’t plan for it to be that way, but I caught a gay, trans (FTM) and a lesbian film. so we’ve pretty much covered allll areas. well except the bisexual part.

An Ordinary family

this is the gay film, about a man who brings his boyfriend for his family reunion. he’s been estranged from his family. and his brother’s a priest.. i wasn’t used to the camera direction/handling at first, in fact I was thinking of the different angles they could/should have used throughout the film. (urg occupational hazard!) but after I got over that, it was pretty good. the jokes were so raw, it kinda felt more like a documentary at some points.

I quite liked the whole simple storyline. seeing the character struggle, wanting his brother to accept him. and i guess cos we share the same religion, so it was easy to put myself in their shoes if my family (in this case, brother hahaah. i kid) had someone who wasn’t ‘straight’, and i was thinking about how people will take it yadayadaaa.


This was a trans (FTM) film. admittedly, I didn’t know what the story was about, and was kinda apprehensive about trans films (they don’t interest me as much as gay films do, weirdly), but it was a pleasant surprise! i could see luke’s struggle to be accepted as a guy, while he waited for his operation, and how he couldn’t fit in with the girls, but in his quest of being accepted, everything was centered around him and his best friend wasn’t that important anymore.. and there wasn’t this whole love story, thankfully. there was a guy whom luke was interested in, and you can slowly see how.. even as a ‘gay guy’ (meaning you get labelled in society), he was shunning transexuals, (creating another label, as if we need that) but after he got over it, it became better, and how they stood up for each other as friends.. sort of.


this has gotta be my fav movie out of the lot! i’m realllly glad i caught it, and that it was the last film I caught to end the festival. it’s about a lesbian couple who’ve lived together for 30years, and suddenly the femme’s (dotti) granddaughter takes her to a nursing home. dotti’s partner sneaks to the home to save her, and both take a trip of their life to canada to get married. they pick up a hitchiker (who’s really cute) and he becomes part of their family. and it’s really heartbreaking because you know it’s true love, and determination, peppered with sarcasm and wit.

i really appreciate how true love can come in any form. acceptance being one of the biggest factors. you can’t just love someone without accepting who they really are.. and really, judging by the gender is just so…. and i really hate it when people tell me “oh cos the bible said so” that it’s immoral, but i disagree, because. we’re to take some things in the bible literally, some things must be taken into context, so who are you to tell me what what you should be takin literally, and what not to?

and even so, i’ll listen. but i don’t think you’ve any place to make a comment about how it’s wrong to love someone of the same gender. them loving each other doesn’t affect you in any way. we could all do with a lil more love in the world thank you, and i think we’re all capable of finding our ‘one true love’ without your input on which gender it should be..

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