cheese, crackers, wine, and then some..

random pics from my cam in the past two weeks.

dinner w dan before bible study.

girls’ night in with bianca and joyce. there was a head of food, not that we bothered to think about the fact we couldn’t eat that much. our first stop was actually the liquor shop.. picked up moscato, a 6pack strawberry+lime cider (which tasted like… medicine. yuck) and chips.

then to woolworths where we saw lotsa food and went crazy. cheese, crackers, chips, nachos, sour cream, salsa…
and we decided to buy a kfc meal. HAH. -_-

i don’t know how the alcohol things work but.. this was okay i guess? would have preferred it to be sweeter and gassier.. i tried it at ps. cafe and have been trying to find some kick-ass sweet stuff..

cheese and crackers are reallllly addictive. i couldn’t stop popping them into my mouth even though i was heaps full..

and after that i sat in the shower to bathe. everyone should try it at least once…..


shawn’s melodica. heaps fun, except i’m not really good with chords, so it was a one finger thing.

yea pink socks that peek outta my boots.

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