out with my brother(=

spent the day with my brother yay!
he’s always so busy.. and the only time we spent hours on end together was when i stayed up to finish his report with him..

we went swimming together. there wasn’t any sun -makes mental note to swim earlier- i think the most memorable part was when i was busy staring at other people in the pool and he was like “stare some more..” hey people were made to be appreciated.. ahahah

we were both starving but we didn’t make the effort to rush home to shower.. haha. instead we just slacked by the pool.

anyhoo, we took a bus to ikea!
him wearing jeans in sg.. time to introduce him to the world of.. other things. idk what guys wear hahahaha. he was checking the route cos i’m not familiar with the buses now. they’ve changed and everything! horrible..

tbh i quite like my chubby face now. feels… cuter HAHAHAHAHAHA. i can’t decide having a super small sharp jaw/face and having a nice fat face.. makes me look younger. er okay ahahahah

went straight to the dining area. FOOD. there wasn’t a queue, thank goodness.
look at how.. raw it.. is. :/ freakyyyy

cafeteria style hoho!

the food was really disappointing! )=
1) no vegetables.. (i know this isn’t new, but still. i love boiled veg like carrots, peas, corn, broccoli..
2) the sauce was bland… yucks.
3) meatballs were so much tinier. excuse you!
4) meatballs were dry..

asian taking pictures of food.

bro conquering his set of 20meatballs.. haha!

still going on strong..

“oh shit.. i dont think i can finish it”

-bursts into tears-
what an emotional moment for him.. hahaha

had nothing to do and so we walked around! it was pretty fun.. looking at home deco stuff, wanting to buy really useless things for your home..
him feeling right at home

“im not leaving this place”

we were debating about this pulling thingys for the beds. and i decided i wouldn’t want that in my bedroom!
1) a bedroom is for sleeping (and lotsa sex AHHAHAHA i kid) but seriously, will you want to be doing work in bed?! the only work you should be doing is… to make your wife happy ahaha okok enough of that. but i mean, having your books, coffeemug, laptop.. won’t that be so.. eew. i’ll dislike going to bed. plus your body will be slumped in a really weird position, you can’t exactly concentrate on work..
2) if it’s for breakfast.. well.. i don’t wanna dirty my sheets with food crumbs and juice? you know how messy breakfast can get. it’s like WWIII. plus, the only stains your bed should have…. HAHA. jk.

no bur seriously. i wouldn’t want to mix my private time in bed with my work life! i’d like to just chill on my bed with a nice book or something.

obviously i forgot to take other pictures but we pretty much explored the whole place!

went to cold storage and it was disappointing..
i really miss doing grocery shopping in melbourne. cold storage was icky )=
1) red rock deli chips cost $6.10 a bag. in melb it’s $6 for 2 packs when there’s a sale!
2) they don’t have quince jelly. i was expecting a more ‘westernised’ supermarket to carry that. they had all sorts of jams except that.. omg.. i nearly died. i love quince jelly!
3) they don’t sell cheese platters. okay they have like different kinds of cheese, but they don’t come in an assortment. i can’t have my cheese and crackers feast anymore )=
4) soy milk costs $5 a box… what is this i don’t even. joyce and i can easily go through 1 carton a day if we both eat cereal and if i drink it like.. water. i’m not printing any money so.. sigh. looks like i’m gonna have to live w/o soy milk. and NO OF COURSE IT’S DIFFERENT FROM SOYA BEAN MILK! ))=

okay i mean the annoying part about melb’s supermarkets is that they have ‘asian’ supermarkets.. which is.. i don’t want to travel to two places to buy my stuff! in sg they don’t have ‘western’ supermarkets. sure they have marketplace and all, the more westernised kind, that still sells asian food, and just the more pricey organic stuff.. but a bit pointless if they’re gonna kill my wallet..

and thus… i went home empty handed )=

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