22 cool things that happened in 2012

okay i’m gonna try think of 22 things i did in 2012!
not in order because.. it’s hard to arrange it!!
also, i wanted to be cool and type “2012 things i did in 2012” but.. yea cool things.. are hard to come by

1) got a nape piercing
can’t say it didn’t hurt, but the pain was bearable… though i was quite stressed out about it..

2) visited so many new countries
there isn’t one picture to describe this.. but I learnt so much.. about myself, about the places, culture, language… outdid myself by visiting so many countries!
Malaysia (Mostly JB, and then Malacca. missed my Penang trip)), New Zealand (after my first visit when I was 11, Auckland, Taupo, Rotuora), Australia (Melbourne), France (Paris, Versailles), Belgium (Brussels, Brugge), Scotland (Edinburgh, Isle of Skye), England (london), Portugal (Lisboa), Spain (Ibiza, Barcelona)

my eyes have opened, I can’t wait to go on my next trip..

3) graduated

4) sold my life
the worst part of my job? paper cuts. (=

5) moved back to singapore
My time in melbourne was up, I just didn’t want to face it. I was so caught up with the idea of staying there. I loved my room, the city, the… white people (change of environment).. not being in asia…

but God had a plan. much bigger than mine… so it’s kinda cool haha.

6) shaved a part of my head
i wore it down most of the time cos it’s troublesome to get it up.. i do miss it though!! i wanna do it again. but my hairdresser thinks i make bad choices. hahahaha

7) dyed my hair blue

8) went sky diving
I felt.. strangely free.. I’ll do it over and over.
haven’t blogged about my nz trip because.. I’m STILL tryna delete photos.. 3 cameras, 1.7k pictures. i dont even know who to blame..

9) got my heart broken. twice.
sorta. actually it’s just me moping for a bit. there isn’t exactly a picture for this.. unless you want images of the guys which will actually be disturbing to have them here… and this is cool because.. it shows that I still have room in my heart to love a complete stranger. (=

10) did corn rolls in my hair, and wore it to graduation
best.decision.ever. wouldn’t have wanted to commemorate it in any other way.

11) ended 2012 with a blast by having a party.
surrounded by family. and heaps of love

12) did an internship with ogilvy PR in melbourne
never saw myself being in an MNC.. oh wait, edelman happened.. but my colleagues and I kept in touch and partied away tehehe. (=

13) let go of some friendships, made some stronger, made new friends
again, no pictures.. because. awks.

14) witnessed amazing sunrises and sunsets
(ibiza, spain)
just one of the many, most of them I experienced in melbourne… rarely because I woke up at 7am, but more of me… not being asleep yet.

15) travelled with my aunts and mum
easy to travel with, cos godma knows paris at the back of her palm, I planned the itinerary, yiyi and momsy were such easy travel buddies.. they were okay with everything I planned! (of course I let them have a look and asked for suggestions which they did and I put it in..) good planning, good holiday..

another one hehe

16) slept my birthday, christmas, and new year away
pictures of me sleeping.. not exactly glamorous. one morning i woke up with my legs facing the window instead of the tv. :/ how that happened remains a mystery

17) saw air supply at a concert

got oli to go with me.. those guys.. phowarrr. their voices were amazing, energy was great… and I fell asleep during one song because i was TOO tired. darn carbohydrates! also, I was getting used to being awake for hours on end :p

18) sat in emirates’ business class
first time, hopefully not the last :p service was impeccable.


19) sewed myself a bauhaus cushion
the hardest part was the triangle.. an equilateral triangle will look weird.. so had to trial and error with many pieces of cloth..

the other side! (= i cut the strips myself.. should have gotten momsy to do it instead cos i’m hopeless w the scissors..

20) saw adam lambert
sis and I went to fed square, saw him upclose… so much so that we saw his skin condition which was honestly quite bad.. guess that’s what you get for having late nights working and all.. and he was really sweet to the fans, shaking their hands, hugging them.. one girl gave him a gift, and he wore it immediately.. (= that was really nice

21) baked a cake
not just any cake..
a birkin cake! (= for my godma’s birthday. I can’t thank her enough for all that she has done for me.. and so I thought that instead of buying her something that she can definitely afford.. might as well make something! (=

22) saw myself grow
emotionally, spiritually, mentally..
but okay here’s a picture just for comparison
isaac and I.

andrea and I.

fastforward years later, here I am. dolled up in a dress, heels, make up..
never saw this day coming. I was always a t shirt and jeans/shorts kinda girl. I stopped wearing dresses when I was.. 10? and wore a skirt when I was 15.. because I was meeting a guy I liked :p HAHAHAHA.

alright, that sums up my year. not too bad I’d like to think. definitely more aware of the positives than the negatives!

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