X-1 audio

Finally got down to using my underwater earphones.. one of my best buys meep. (=

So I’ve been searching for underwater earphones for quite a long while, just never got to it. Finally decided to get myself a pair from http://www.x-1.com/ for swimming… and thankfully, they work!

isn’t that expensive, about SGD 180 including shipping, for both the earphone set, and the ipod shuffle (4G). don’t have an ipod shuffle, as i’m still using my ipod nano from my 18th birthday (=

looks like this:

and the earducts:

so basically you open the little container box (with a rubber seal to prevent water from entering), place your ipod shuffle inside, and ta-dah!



i fit it to the back of my goggles, went for a swim, and the quality is superb. no weird muffles, audio is clear, no bits of random pausing etc, works perfectly well.

the only con is that… returning the piece if it’s spoilt before you’ve used it is quite a chore. my first set of earphones were wonky, the rubber bit protecting the wires, they split, and exposed quite some wires… x-1 has a one year warranty, so returning it wouldn’t be an issue. the though part was shipping.

x-1 wanted me to ship them my spoilt piece, before they give me a new one. this means i’ve to bear the shipping cost from sg to usa. (i used vpost for them to ship it to me). and when they ship my second pair to vpost, once again i’ve to bear the shipping cost.

was really reluctant, because hey, shouldn’t you test your product before sending it to me.. and an exposed wire, what am i supposed to do with it? didn’t want to pay for any shipping charges, but unfortunately, they’re only willing to ship to vpost (again), and i had to bear that shipping cost. took about 3 weeks to settle everything, going back and forth (time differences meant we could only communicate once a day).

but other than that, the tech guy was really understanding. he told me to keep the spoilt set, and they’ll send me a new one, no questions asked. i’ll just bear the shipping. and thankfully, this one has no glitches. works well, and i’ll def be going swimming more often…

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