they call it the… undercut

okay this happened… one year ago…
it rained… it was super cold, nearly winter..
Had bimbos with dan and dez and on the way back we wanted to make my “last sem in melb worthwhile..”

Couldn’t decide what to do.. and thus..

(okay so i edited this about 30mins ago.. yep one year late)

I miss my hair (or lack of)! Told my hairdresser I missed it and she promptly told my brother: “又来了发疯了”… which loosely translates to.. “she’s at it again, she’s crazy”

but anyway, I found it too low for my liking, and went back a few days later to get it shaved.. I don’t have many pictures of it because… it was winter I didn’t really tie/pin my hair up much…

but but but! 😀 SOME!
shortly after I shaved it..

then when I went to zara to look… and eventually bought the blazer…

I don’t remember when this was.

Anyway my hair started growing out and I didn’t get dan to shave it for me again! which worked out fine because I got cornrolls done in ibiza…

Alright gotta scoot!

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