Third time’s the charm.. not

I’m quite enthusiastic about blood donation.. It’s a way of giving back to society, helping people in need etc.. Plus it doesn’t take too much time!

My first time was in Melbourne.. Ironically, giving blood in a foreign land. Worst thing.. Take my blood and removed my occupation from the SOL list. OI WHY YOU LIKE THAT?

Anyway it was a pretty fun experience I remember having to drink a lot of sugary drinks.. That itself was sacrifice on my part haha.

I went with Woon, and came out looking all happy..

That was when I had pink streaks in my hair.. Yeh was pretty proud of that since I did it myself..!

Anyway back in Singapore, I’ve since started donating blood! Have done so twice, and it’s really pain free. Plus, I enjoy the feeling of getting poked by needles! Weird issue here hmm!

I’ve tried to donate another three times but have been unsuccessful. Ever since I’ve cut down on eating beef, my iron levels have been quite low. So I’m eating iron pills, hoping the fourth time will be successful!

I’ve been going to the Dhoby Ghaut branch (haha had to check out how to spell the name of the train station), at Dhoby exchange! Super open and clean, I love it.

(That was the doc on duty haha)

Filled in a form and got a queue number

Thankfully I didn’t have to wait before they called me for the “interview”

They basically ask if you have had sex… And if I know that there’s a six month period where I can get aids without knowing..

The doctor also took my blood pressure.. All good. I made sure to eat! Previous times I fainted after donating blood due to low sugar levels.

Then I had to take my blood test.. They test for iron levels..

Lady used this magic contraption to prick me!

See that patch of red, it’s my blood haha!

Unfortunately I failed (for the third time in a row. Someone give me a perseverance award already). Iron levels have to be at least 12.5 to donate, mine was 11.. Ack :/

But anyway, some pics from my previous times!

They hooked me up to a machine, poked a few needles into me and blood started flowing!! Woohoo!!

My pack of blood!
It’s pretty cool.. I think it’s about 450ml? No idea.

Anyway shortly after this I fainted haha.

So I’ve had some beef for dinner and -fingers crossed- my fourth time will be successful!!

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