Long weekend

It’s 5.30, and I’m getting away for a bit. Hopefully it does me some good.

On another note, fast and furious 6 was a big hit… In the “oh no you didn’t” department. Sure it was a high from part 5, which was “The Italian Job” and “Oceans” series. But killing off my favourite couple in the show isn’t cool. Don’t know how it happened but a part of my emotionless soul died when it happened.

That said I enjoyed the first few minutes where they did a recap. Did anyone notice how Paul walker had terribly curled hair in the first few shows? Or how they conveniently skipped Tokyo Drift (which is still a cruel joke to be part of the series)? Don’t remember seeing 2 Fast 2 Furious either, but I may be wrong..

Either way, I still feel that ff4 is still the best instalment so far. Perhaps I’ll watch it back to back (conveniently skipping Tokyo Drift) and change my mind.

Props to Dwayne Johnson too. He has come a long way since I started following him on WWF (okay now I sound old cos its now known as WWE). His breakthrough in The Scorpion King, and then a pace palmer Tooth Fairy (which also reminds me of VD’s Pacifier). I remember seeing how he wanted to slowly change his name from The Rock, to Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, and finally to Dwayne Johnson. Sleek move.

I’m heaps into Vin Diesel, but at one angle he totally reminded me of Bruce Willis. It’s probably the egg head. Hmm…

Too many thoughts on an early morning, BRB!

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