the making of..

so i finally got own to opening my new cereal…


yeppp tub of baby food.
I’ve had a fascination with baby food for a bit. Years ago I bought some to try.. I mean.. babies eat them all the time, and you don’t actually know if they like it, or if they eat it cos they’ve no choice… so why not try it right? and then I got a little hooked.. bought bottles of random stuff from cinnamon custard and apples to pears and whatever they’ve got.. I even tried the chicken ones.. ack.. man I gotta say this.. baby food is hell expensive.

Anyway I found that my fav are the sweet stuff! maybe cos it’s all smooth… so pears/peaches do really well.. for salty stuff.. rice with fish/chicken.. ack. not really fond of them.. so anyway isaac wanted to have some too and I decided to see how we’d do.. making our own baby food.. yes yes spoilt usually my mum prepares my breakfast (cereal/leftovers etc) so for baby food she makes it real smooth…


This is my end result:

isaac hard at work…

and this is his:

both ours turned out clumpy, I don’t even wanna guess where I went wrong.. but needless to say… if we ever have kids I think they’ll choke and die if we were to prepare food for them…

Okay I guess this is why we have our mums to look after our grandkids. to make sure we don’t feed them really weird lumpy food.. oops. :/

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